A Quick Guide To Routine Maintenance

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Keeping assets in good operating condition and reducing the fear of unexpected breakdowns is the main purpose of .maintenance planning

The right plant maintenance strategy is key to better production ...Be it a truck, a building, a CNC machine, or a forklift, no asset is exempt from wear and tear that comes with its daily use. Routine maintenance is one way to deal with equipment deterioration before it leads to serious issues.
But, is routine maintenance the most optimal approach to maintenance across the board? What are its upsides and downsides? How can you use a CMMS to maximize the value of routine maintenance?

Read further to find out.

What is routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance is used to describe maintenance activities that are carried out on a regular basis to identify and address issues before they lead to equipment failure.

Depending on the equipment in question and the type of maintenance work required, routine maintenance can be performed on a time-based schedule (daily/weekly/monthly) or a usage-based schedule (cycles performed/miles driven/hours in use…). A time-based schedule is more commonly used.

In general, routine maintenance consists of simple tasks that require minimal training. Because of this, routine maintenance is sometimes carried out by machine operators, which frees maintenance technicians to focus on more complex tasks. This practice forms the basis of autonomous maintenance.

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