Manage maintenance checklists with Limble’s PM Builder

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By now, you should have a pretty good sense of how a good maintenance scheduling checklist needs to look like.

So far, we tried to give you a lot of general directions so you can create these maintenance checklists even if you do not use a CMMS. However, before we wrap up this article, let’s take a look at how you can quickly create checklists with Limble’s PM builder.

To give you a quick teaser, this is the example we are working towards as we try to replicate the air conditioner checklist outlined in one of the earlier template examples.

Preventive maintenance checklist in Limble CMMS
Pass-or-fail checklist example

DISCLAIMER: Instructions and images used in the following example are for illustrative purposes and serve to showcase some of the capabilities of the PM builder.

The person that is creating the checklist should navigate to “PMs” in the dashboard and click on “New PM Template”.

Managing PM checklists with Limble

After that, they will be able to choose if they want to create a blank template or reuse one of the existing ones.

The next step is to enter spare parts and build the checklist.

edit PM template

At the picture above, you can see we already entered some spare parts that might be used for this PM.

When you click on “Add Instruction” you get to choose between several different types of instructions. This gives you a lot of flexibility to build very specific instructions.

PM checklist field types

For the purpose of this example, we entered some basic instructions that show how a simple preventative maintenance checklist might look like in Limble.

Preventative maintenance checklist example

If you want, you can use the button in the upper right corner to test it. If not, this is it, your preventive maintenance checklist is ready to be used. Simple as that!

Using PM checklists in Limble CMMS

Up until now, you were able to see how the creation of maintenance checklists looks like from the perspective of a maintenance manager. To wrap this up, let’s also check what technicians see when they want to close the PM.

Let’s imagine that a technician went through all of the steps as it was outlined. At the end, they can leave their completion notes.

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